Want to experience Japanese culture?

When you are in Japan, you should experience Japanese culture!
Please contact us for the available Japanese cultural experiences we can offer.
Many experiences are listed on AirBnB, Trip Advisor, Japan Travel and more
but if you contact us directly, it would be cheaper.

Wagashi making and tea ceremony – 4000 yen (making 2 wagashis)

Tea ceremony – 3500 yen

Goshuincho (temple book) making workshop – 3000 yen

Temari balls making – 5000 yen

Kimekomi balls making – 3500 yen (making 3 balls)

Hakoniwa bonsai workshop – 4500 yen

Moss ball bonsai workshop – 4500 yen

Kimono wearing – 4000 yen

Temple book workshop (choose kimono fabric to make notebook)

Kimekomi Balls (making 3 balls)

Wagashi making (every month we make different wagashi. This is just an example. Wagashi is vegan.)