Welcome to mypal inc

Preserving traditional Japanese culture,food and history – 

mypal inc was launched to support cultural teachers and artists to be sustainable. 

Our passion is to introduce Japan’s beautiful culture.

We are collaborating with travel agencies, tourism platforms, media and more!

Who are we?

Message from CEO Kyoko Nagano

How do you do. I am a Japanese national who has lived overseas in countries 

such as South Korea, Saudi Arabia, USA, Thailand for 17 years 

as an expatriate together with my family.

Since I was little, I had opportunities to learn Japanese traditional culture 

such as calligraphy, Nichibu (Japanese dance) Urasenke tea ceremony, 

Ikebana and Sodo Japanese kimono.

It has been my passion to introduce beautiful Japanese culture 

to people for many years.

After leaving my corporate job in 2018, I decided to dedicate myself 

to support cultural teachers and launched mypal.jp to support them as an agent.

I have many available culture teachers so please send us an inquiry.

Japanese culture specialist
Kikizakeshi (sake sommelier)
WSET level 1 on sake
Tofu meister
Inarizushi meister
Fermented food sommelier
Edo food cooking researcher
Edo culture enthusiast specializing in Edo period walk,
yokai forklore walk and more


Director: Yuki Imanishi

Inquiry: info at mark mypal.jp


Japanese culture

Want to experience Japanese culture?

When you are in Japan, you should experience Japanese culture!
Please contact us for the available Japanese cultural experiences we can offer.
Many experiences are listed on AirBnB, Trip Advisor, Japan Travel and more
but if you contact us directly, it would be cheaper.

Wagashi making and tea ceremony – 4000 yen (making 2 wagashis)

Tea ceremony – 3500 yen

Goshuincho (temple book) making workshop – 3000 yen

Temari balls making – 5000 yen

Kimekomi balls making – 3500 yen (making 3 balls)

Hakoniwa bonsai workshop – 4500 yen

Moss ball bonsai workshop – 4500 yen

Kimono wearing – 4000 yen

Temple book workshop (choose kimono fabric to make notebook)

Kimekomi Balls (making 3 balls)

Wagashi making (every month we make different wagashi. This is just an example. Wagashi is vegan.)


Offering affordable tourism – we have been consulting with the regional DMOs and tourism company and also some of the below tours are incorporated in several platforms but if you are interested, please apply to us directly.


Cat temple and history walk with culture specialist (6000 yen per person) 3 hours per guest

Geisha and Yoshiwara history walk with culture specialist (6000 yen per person) 3 hours per guest

Yokai tour (in Asakusa area for kappa Jindaiji Chofu area for GeGeGe-no-kitaro theme) 6000 yen 3 hours

Adachi Fish market tour 7000 yen with the specialist 7000 yen per person 1.5 hour – please watch the video below for the special access to the fish market.

Tea farm picking and make hand roll tea in Saitama  7000 yen per person 4 hours

Sake Brewery tour with all you can drink sake in Tokyo 7000 yen per person 4 hours

You can watch the fish market tour with popular youtuber Best Ever Food Review Show is here:



Consulting service for stores, restaurants, Japanese cultural activity providers and sake breweries on below:


English service

English education to employees

English pamphlets

Manual on how to correspond with foreign travelers

Understand the cultural difference and religion prohibits

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